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High Speed Ink Jet


Reel range

With Clairefontaine’s knowledge in surface treatment, these papers show a high ink density, perfect dot definition as well as a quick drying time. The overall result is a better competitiveness and return for your activity. Clairjet range works with dye and pigment inks both in matt and silk surfaces. You will find the right paper for all types of prints whether it is transactional, trans-promotional, or direct mail marketing.



100% High Speed Inkjet

The reference paper for transactional printing. Its elaborate surface treatment guarantees impeccable print quality in black as well as in colour with all types of inks. Its high bulk of 1.30 and its excellent hold make it suitable for all finishes, including enveloping. Offered at a very competitive price it is the ideal choice for jobs with intermediate ink coverage.

  • • Clairjet 400 in 165 and 168 CIE is available from 70 to 200 gsm in virgin fibres.
  • • Everjet 400, its recycled version is available in three whitenesses 95, 135 and 150 CIE and from 75 to 200 g/m2.


High Speed Inkjet, Laser & Offset

A reliable paper with a surface treatment suitable for simple transactional printing, containing mainly text. Clairjet 300 is laser compatible for pre- or post-processing. Two versions of paper for the same print quality in a wide range of weights from 50 to 250 gsm:

  • • Clairjet 300 100% virgin fibres in 165 and 170 CIE whitenesses.
  • • Everjet 300 100% recycled in 95, 120, 135 and 150 CIE whitenesses.



Matt – Smooth touch, perfect rendition

Two papers with the same properties with a matt, smooth surface. Both offer an excellent color rendition for high ink coverage. Their good stiffness makes them work perfectly in finishing lines. These two papers cover the full range of ink types, 1100 P for pigment / hybrid inks and 1200 for dye inks.

They are offered with a bright shade of 162 CIE, in a weight range from 80 to 160 gsm.

Those papers can be produced also from recycled fibers (100% or mix).

ICY 1300

Silk – Glossy surface, high print density

The perfect choice for pigment and hybrid inks. Its main strong points are a high colour density, a wide gamut, the uniformity of the solid area and the fine restitution of half tones. ICY 1300 has all the qualities needed for a perfect communication. Its pigmented surface offers a slight gloss combined to a high absorption capacity and a very short drying time. It will enhance the message impact in direct maketing activity. It is also a perfect choice for full colour book printing. It is offered with a bright shade of 168 CIE and in originial shade of 151 CIE.



The partner for all books and all printing technologies

Clairbook is the perfect solution for book printing.

Clairbook is a versatile paper which is compatible with inkjet, offset and laser processes.

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