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C by Clairefontaine

Watermarked paper

Compatible impression laser

Compatible impression jet d'encre

• High-end watermarked paper 

    Express the elegance of your company through your letters 

• Two surface finishes 

    Woven or laid 

• Three shades of colour 

   Extreme white, white and ivory 


The Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) is an independent organization dedicated to promoting responsible forest management around the world. FSC is a globally recognized reference.

All our white reprographic papers are guaranteed "permanent paper". They meet strict requirements for ageing resistance according to ISO 9706. They are therefore suitable for long-term archiving (more than 100 years) of supporting and documentary documents.

C By paper expresses the elegance of your company or profession through letters. It is ideal for highlighting your correspondence. The C by Clairefontaine range comes with a range of envelopes to perfectly match your mailing.

C by Clairefontaine


White extremWhiteIvory
A4 210x297 mm : Vellum
A4 210x297 mm : laid paper
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