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Harmonize your mail

• Excellent opacity 

    Clairafla quality in a range of envelopes 

• High whiteness 

    The absolute whiteness of Clairalfa (171 CIE) 

• For a perfect harmonization of your mails

    On laser printers and digital presses 


This independent non-governmental organization (Programme for the endorsement of forest certification) offers voluntary foresters certification in exchange for compliance with its recommendations for responsible forest management.

All our white reprographic papers are guaranteed "permanent paper". They meet strict requirements for ageing resistance according to ISO 9706. They are therefore suitable for long-term archiving (more than 100 years) of supporting and documentary documents.

The whiteness and quality of Clairalfa paper for mail colour harmonisation, with adhesive flap. The envelopes are available with and without windows, in your different sizes for great flexibility of use.


Discover the entire Clairalfa range 

Smart 60g Perfocopy 2 holes Perfocopy 4 holes Pack 2500 sheets PPP Fine line embossed 210g  Envelopes

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