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Rebecca Life

Whiteness, cleanliness, efficiency

Ideally suited for the demanding users, this range will enhance your printings. This recycled paper is imperceptible from 100% wood free paper. This high white recycled paper fulfills the promise, without compromising our environment.

Label defined by the German Federal Environment Agency. The Blue Angel is a label awarded to products that do little harm to the environment. The paper is checked in detail, both in terms of its composition and its final characteristics. Only papers made from 100% waste paper are eligible for this certification.

The Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) is an independent organization dedicated to promoting responsible forest management around the world. FSC is a globally recognized reference.

Almost all our papers are made in one or our three French mills, the remaining part being supplied by our dutch mill

  • Offset 100% recycled top of the range
  • Characteristics close to a virgin fibre paper
  • Reduced ecological footprint


460 x 640 mmRéf. 1510CRéf. 1511CRéf. 1512CRéf. 1514CRéf. 1520C
700 x 1000 mmRéf. 1526CRéf. 1527CRéf. 1529CRéf. 1530CRéf. 1531CRéf. 1541CRéf. 1550C
1000 x 700 mmRéf. 1592CRéf. 1594CRéf. 1595CRéf. 1596CRéf. 1597CRéf. 1598CRéf. 1599C
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