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Sublim Bright

For illustrated catalogues or beautiful books, the usual reflex of graphic designers is to choose coated papers. Uncoated offset papers were often reserved for publications with a natural or traditional character. With Sublim Bright a new path is opened up for the graphic industry. Thanks to Clairtech technology, this generation of premium paper completely redefines polychrome printing on natural paper, offering perfect image reproduction. Minimal ink consumption and excellent printing capabilities, together with short drying times offer the best conditions for fast finishing and thus increased productivity.
Sublim Bright is perfect for multiple prints with high ink levels, as well as for variety of finishes (gilding, embossing, varnishing, lamination…).
It offers excellent creasing and folding capabilities.
This paper is guaranteed for personalized laser post-printing.

  • Ultimate print rendering
  • Velvety touch
  • Extreme whiteness


Rebecca Sublim

460 x 640 mmRéf. 3972CRéf. 3973CRéf. 3974CRéf. 3975CRéf. 3976CRéf. 3977CRéf. 3194C
650 x 920 mmRéf. 3986CRéf. 3987CRéf. 3988CRéf. 3989CRéf. 3990CRéf. 3991CRéf. 3992CRéf. 3993CRéf. 3170C
920 x 650 mmRéf. 3978CRéf. 3979CRéf. 3909CRéf. 3927CRéf. 3911CRéf. 3913CRéf. 3928CRéf. 3173CRéf. 3824C
700 x 1000mmRéf. 3189CRéf. 3174CRéf. 3175CRéf. 3176CRéf. 3179CRéf. 3180CRéf. 3181CRéf. 3182CRéf. 3171CRéf. 3196C
1000 x 700 mmRéf. 3901CRéf. 3917CRéf. 3918CRéf. 3183CRéf. 3920CRéf. 3184CRéf. 3926CRéf. 3185CRéf. 3172CRéf. 3197C
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