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Rebecca Sublim Clairtech

Perfect image reproduction

With Rebecca Sublim a whole new era opens up for the graphic industry: this generation of top quality papers redefines entirely polychrome printing on natural papers, thanks to a perfect image reproduction on a paper with a natural touch. Minimal ink consumption and excellent machine capability, with short drying times, offer the best conditions for fast processing and thus increased productivity. It is the ideal paper for high quality brochures.

The Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) is an independent organization dedicated to promoting responsible forest management around the world. FSC is a globally recognized reference.

ECF means « Elementary Chlorine Free » . This label guarantees that the bleaching process of the pulp did not require chlorine gas

Almost all our papers are made in one or our three French mills, the remaining part being supplied by our dutch mill

  • The highest quality graphic paper
  • Best printing result in combination with a velvety surface
  • High whiteness


Rebecca Sublim

460 x 640 mmRéf. 3941CRéf. 3942CRéf. 3931CRéf. 3932CRéf. 3972CRéf. 3973CRéf. 3974CRéf. 3975CRéf. 3976CRéf. 3977CRéf. 3194C
650 x 920 mmRéf. 6500CRéf. 2809CRéf. 3988CRéf. 3989CRéf. 3990CRéf. 3991CRéf. 3992CRéf. 3993CRéf. 3170C
920 x 650 mmRéf. 3822CRéf. 3823CRéf. 3909CRéf. 3927CRéf. 3911CRéf. 3913CRéf. 3928CRéf. 3173CRéf. 3824C
700 x 1000mmRéf. 3948CRéf. 3949CRéf. 3175CRéf. 3176CRéf. 3179CRéf. 3180CRéf. 3181CRéf. 3182CRéf. 3171CRéf. 3196C
1000 x 700 mmRéf. 2811CRéf. 3955CRéf. 3918CRéf. 3183CRéf. 3920CRéf. 3184CRéf. 3926CRéf. 3185CRéf. 3172CRéf. 3197C

Rebecca Sublim OPAK

700 x 1000 mmRéf. 3189CRéf. 3174C
1000 x 700 mmRéf. 3901CRéf. 3917C
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