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Smart Print

A smart way to print

Compatible impression laser

Compatible impression jet d'encre

• High performance

 Properties equivalent to 80 gsm paper

• Economic

   Up to 38% less paper consumption 

• Ergonomic

   Reduced volume and archiving weight

• Ecological

   Less water, fibre and energy are needed to make it 

The Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC®) is an independent organization dedicated to promoting responsible forest management around the world. FSC® is a globally recognized reference.

The European Eco-label is awarded to consumer products and services that meet the ecological criteria set for their category by the European Commission. It aims to promote the most environmentally friendly products and services and to better inform consumers.

Almost all our papers are made in one or our three French mills, the remaining part being supplied by our dutch mill

All our white reprographic papers are guaranteed "permanent paper". They meet strict requirements for ageing resistance according to ISO 9706. They are therefore suitable for long-term archiving (more than 100 years) of supporting and documentary documents.

Smart Print Paper is a paper for conscientious consumers. It has the same qualities as a 80 gsm paper : perfect runnability, a resolutely brilliant whiteness, striking contrasts.



A4 210 x 297mmRéf. 1932CRéf. 1929CRéf. 1942CRéf. 1979CRéf. 2896CRéf. 1950CRéf. 2110CRéf. 1952CRéf. 2618CRéf. 2216CRéf. 2230CRéf. 1959CRéf. 1983C
A4 pack 2500 sheetsRéf. 1989CRéf. 1981C
A4 hole-punchedRéf. 2979C
A3 420 x 297mmRéf. 1933CRéf. 1939CRéf. 1943CRéf. 1969CRéf. 2895CRéf. 1951CRéf. 4210CRéf. 1953CRéf. 2619CRéf. 2217CRéf. 2232CRéf. 1960CRéf. 1984C
A5 210 x 148mmRéf. 1910C
PPP (small quantities)Réf. 4139CRéf. 4189C
A4 Box 160 reamsRéf. 1980C
SRA3 450 x 320mmRéf. 1934CRéf. 4532CRéf. 2891CRéf. 1956CRéf. 2892CRéf. 1958CRéf. 1957CRéf. 1963CRéf. 1964CRéf. 1961CRéf. 1985C
SRA2 450 x 640mmRéf. 2818SCRéf. 2823SCRéf. 4500CRéf. 2808CRéf. 2828CRéf. 2820CRéf. 2829CRéf. 2822SC200g
Réf. 2825SC
Réf. 2826C

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