paper manufacturer since 1858.

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Quality and know-how

Clairefontaine enjoys an exceptional recognised reputation, this is not without reason: Clairefontaine is a paper producer and converter that controls its production at every stage of manufacture, which warrants the constant quality of its products. The machines are equipped with sensors that constantly check the quality of the products according to a multitude of parameters. All the papers used by the group are manufactured at Clairefontaine’s four production sites. The most important site is of course Etival-Clairefontaine, located 90km from Strasbourg, along the Meurthe river. Everbal mill is dedicated to recycled paper. Mandeure mill specialises in heavy-weight and speciality papers. Schut site (in the Netherlands) produces top-end speciality papers.

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Clairefontaine, paper manufacturer since 1858

4 production sites

Clairefontaine is located at the crossroads between France, Germany, Switzerland and Benelux. Etival’s production site extends over 40 hectares of which 15 hectares are developed. The proximity to neighbouring countries favours transport savings, and allows deliveries to be made in record time: 80% of orders are delivered within D+1 in France, Germany, Switzerland and Benelux, and on average within D+2 in Europe.

The mill is equipped with 2 paper machines 3.40m wide. For one machine the production speed reaches 1000m per minute, which represents 60km and 15 tons of paper per hour. Thanks to these constantly modernized machines, Clairefontaine delivers 170,000 tons per year of uncoated printing and writing paper to its customers. The paper is exclusively top of the range, for office automation, graphic printing and the manufacture of stationery articles.

Logistics is undeniably one of the strong points of the Papeteries de Clairefontaine. The value of a paper manufacturer today cannot be measured solely by its technical know-how, the Etival mill has benefited for many years from major logistical investments enabling it to offer its customers ever wider ranges coupled with an increasingly efficient service. From the installation of automatic machines in charge of incoming and outgoing finished products to the construction of fully automated warehouses for the storage of reams, formats and reels, the entire flow has been redesigned to meet customers’ growing requirements in terms of quality, reliability and speed of delivery.


The Mandeure mill is located in the East of France, 60km from Mulhouse. The site specialises in the manufacture of 100% cellulose cards, dedicated to uses such as filing, ticketing, communication, luxury packaging, food packaging and multiple bespoke requirements.

Its 40,000 tons of paper are produced annually in a single-jet, in weights from 100 to 600g/m2, in rolls and sheets. They are FSC and PEFC certified, and are 100% recyclable.

Mandeure paper mill has set up a system for collecting and recirculating cooling water, enabling it to reduce its water withdrawals by nearly 13%. The plant recently replaced an air dryer to remove a refrigerant gas whose use will soon be banned.

Everbal mill, 20km from Reims, is a Clairefontaine subsidiary since 1994 dedicated exclusively to the manufacture of 100% recycled paper. Thanks to a highly controlled selection of recovered paper, Everbal produces 40,000 tons per year with a record yield: only 6% of the material will be eliminated during the recycling process.

The site is ISO 9001 and 14001 certified, and offers Blue Angel, Ecolabel, PEFC or recycled FSC certified products. The pulp preparation process does not use any element based on chlorinated compounds.

Everbal produces the Evercopy range of white recycled paper as well as Evercolor paper for office use. These papers comply with the DIN 6738 standard which qualifies their permanence for archiving.



Schut site in the Netherlands is dedicated to the manufacture of special papers. Its complete range of products intended for Fine Arts and security, is made up of textured papers, with very specific absorption specificationss according to the required application. These 5,000 tons of annual paper are FSC and PEFC certified.

Exacompta-Clairefontaine Group

Papeteries Clairefontaine is located in the heart of Europe. A symbol of quality, Clairefontaine has inherited a unique know-how in the manufacture and the conversion of paper. Clairefontaine is constantly in search of perfection; the rigour and efficiency of the processes put in place guarantee an irreproachable quality to its papers, justifying its repuation. Over the years, Clairefontaine has earned the confidence of consumers, thanks to its ability to adapt to new technologies and to changing customer demand. The Exacompta-Clairefontaine group comprises some fifty companies and employs over 3,200 people, including 580 at Papeteries Clairefontaine.

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Clairefontaine is committed to the environment

Environmental Commitment

Clairefontaine has always been committed to respecting the environment. This is an integral part of its production policy. From the raw materials used for production to the final treatments, no step is overlooked with regard to environmental protection. Clairefontaine’s paper mills are certified according to the international standard ISO 14001, which guarantees the consideration and control of all elements related to environmental protection. Clairefontaine has a subsidiary, Everbal, specialising in the production of 100% recycled paper.

Water management :

Clairefontaine has its own biological treatment plant, allowing it to eliminate almost all the materials present in the water, and to discharge this clean water into the Meurthe. Effluent represents less than 1% of the site’s production. It is then sent to a composting plant, where this “biological sludge” is transformed into stabilized compost. This is distributed in the region’s fields and contributes to soil reclamation.

Forest management :

The pulp used to make Clairefontaine paper comes exclusively from certified forests. Among the main environmental forest certification schemes are the PEFC (Programme for the endorsement of forest certification) and the FSC (Forest Stewardship Council). Sustainable forest management is a fundamental concept for Clairefontaine, whose group owns and maintains several fir and spruce forests in the Vosges.

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Energy management :

Clairefontaine has undertaken to further decarbonise its papers and has therefore invested heavily in the construction of a biomass boiler at its site in Etival-Clairefontaine.
This biomass boiler station will reduce the plant’s annual gas consumption by 45% and, with a production of 25 tonnes of steam per hour, it will provide 50% of the company’s steam requirements. The investment for this project alone amounts to 37 million euros, partly financed by the Government as part of the “France Relance” plan operated by ADEME and the Energy Savings Certificates.
The new plant will replace an ageing gas boiler and will be linked to an existing cogeneration unit to cover the high energy requirements of the paper production.


With this ambitious plan, which is due to be implemented in 2024, Papeteries de Clairefontaine is resolutely demonstrating its desire to pursue its environmental policy and showing that the paper industry remains an attractive place to work, looking to the future and its new requirements, ideal for discovering and acquiring knowledge giving rise to numerous career development opportunities.

The biomass heating plant in Etival-Clairefontaine in figures :

  • 20MW of biomass power,
  • +50% of renewable energy,
  • 60 000 T/ year of local biomass,
  • 36 000 T of CO2 avoided,
  • 25 T of steam produced every hour,
  • 37 M€ of investment.

Packaging and recycling instructions

The files below show you the type of packaging and the associated recycling instructions for each item.

Recycling instructions for products distributed by Italy

Clairefontaine certifications


  • ISO 50001 is the international standard that defines the implementation requirements for energy management systems. ISO 50001 provides organizations with management strategies to improve energy performance and reduce costs.

  • The ISO 1400 standard covers environmental management, i.e. the organization that the company has set up to control the environmental impacts related to its activities. It is based on the principle of continuous improvement of environmental performance. ISO 14001 certification is issued on the basis of regular audits carried out by an independent third party body. It is internationally recognized.


  • The Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC®) is an independent organization dedicated to promoting responsible forest management around the world. FSC® is a globally recognized reference.

  • This independent non-governmental organization (Programme for the endorsement of forest certification) offers voluntary foresters certification in exchange for compliance with its recommendations for responsible forest management.

  • The European Eco-label is awarded to consumer products and services that meet the ecological criteria set for their category by the European Commission. It aims to promote the most environmentally friendly products and services and to better inform consumers.

  • Label defined by the German Federal Environment Agency.
    The Blue Angel is a label awarded to products that do little harm to the environment. The paper is checked in detail, both in terms of its composition and its final characteristics. Only papers made from 100% waste paper are eligible for this certification.


  • HP qualification to highlight:
    - the printing quality of ink-jet papers (brightness of colours, depth of black solids)
    - the machinability of papers in laser printing (without jamming)

  • All our white, colour, reprographic papers (except Néon) are guaranteed "permanent paper". They meet strict requirements for ageing resistance according to ISO 9706. They are therefore suitable for long-term archiving (more than 100 years) of supporting and documentary documents.

  • All our white reprographic papers are guaranteed "permanent paper". They meet strict requirements for ageing resistance according to DIN 6738. They are therefore suitable for long-term archiving (more than 100 years) of supporting and documentary documents.

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