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The eco-responsible dinner jacket that will put your bottle decoration in the spotlight.

BAMBOO PAPER BLACK 120 WS is a paper made from 100% bamboo fibres. This long-fibred grass has a rapid growth rate which, combined with the renewal of its roots, allows for the stabilisation of the soil. The density of its velvety black colour is obtained by a mass treatment, without carbon, which gives it not only a high light fastness but also a resistance to disgorgement in a humid environment. Timeless, classic, contemporary, or baroque, BAMBOO PAPER BLACK 120 WS can be adapted to many styles. Its bold colour always supports a marked contrast that is neither lacking in character nor in sobriety.

Key points

Preferring BAMBOO PAPER BLACK 120 WS is:

  • Finding the optimal combination of noble materials and durable fibres
  • Choosing a black gala suit for an elegant signature
  • Selecting a support with a surprising and memorable touch

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