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Clairbook Ivory

The Clairbook range is also available in an elegant ivory shade.

Offering the same technical properties and versatility as Clairbook Natural White, it can be applied in inkjet, laser and offset printing processes. It will thus be able to meet all print run requirements.

  • Multifunctional book paper suitable for offset, laser and high-speed inkjet
  • Shade and thickness consistency
  • Very good converting ability
  • Ivory shade for improved readability


320 x 450 mm (Bulk 1,3)Réf. 3767CRéf. 3769C
320 x 450 mm (Bulk 1,5)Réf. 3787CRéf. 3783C
460 x 320 mm (ream wrapped) (Bulk 1,5)Réf. 3704CRéf. 3705C
640 x 900 mm (Bulk 1,5)Réf. 3770CRéf. 3771C
720 x 1020 mm (Bulk 1,5)Réf. 3706CRéf. 3707C
1020 x 720 mm (Bulk 1,5)Réf. 3775C
320 x 450 mm (Bulk 1,8)Réf. 3603CRéf. 3768C
650 x 920 mm (Bulk 1,8)Réf. 3779C
720 x 1020 mm (Bulk 1,8)Réf. 3699CRéf. 3776C
1020 x 720 mm(Bulk 1,8)Réf. 3765CRéf. 3777C
320 x 450 mm (Bulk 2,0)Réf. 3757CRéf. 3788C
650 x 920 mm (Bulk 2,0)Réf. 3758C
720 x 1020 mm (Bulk 2,0)Réf. 3759CRéf. 3762C
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