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The metamorphosis of a grass into a beautiful piece of paper.


GRASSLAND PAPER 90 WS is an uncoated paper made from a combination of grass and virgin cellulose fibres. Immediately recognisable because of its inclusions and raw feel, GRASSLAND PAPER 90 WS is a sustainable packaging alternative for all products or brands that share similar ethical values.

Key points

Opting for GRASSLAND PAPER 90 WS means:

  • Distinguishing your product and your brand with a distinctive packaging
  • Choosing a valued product and therefore preferring a sustainable alternative
  • The possibility of using this paper for all your communication via flyers, boxes or packaging

The characteristics of a circular product

GRASSLAND PAPER 90 WS is a circular product that is made of residues. The product is produced with the utmost care and attention for quality. You may however occasionally (more often than in other papers without residues) find irregularities such as unbound particles and spots in this paper.

In addition, you may notice some light colour differences between different batches of the paper. The irregularities are a result of the circular raw materials (the residues), which are by nature less homogeneous than raw materials commonly used in papermaking. It can therefore be considered an intrinsic property of these paper grades and is fundamentally linked to the natural look & feel of the circular paper. Therefore, it also cannot be considered a defect in this product.

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