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Silk Bright

The advantages of uncoated and coated paper combined for an exceptional paper.

Silk Bright offers the elegance of a natural paper with an exclusive silky touch and a pleasant and sensual surface reminiscent of silk.

The print quality and ink brilliance match the ones of a coated paper, with a particularly excellent colour reproduction. Ultra-white (167 CIE), with an extremely homogeneous formation,  it guarantees fidelity of details and high contrast. This paper has taken the best of both worlds.

Silk Bright lends itself well to embossing, creasing, and stamping.

Available from 80 to 400 gsm.

With the same satin finish and whiteness, we also offer the office range, DCP in A4, A3, 45×32 and 46×64 sizes from 80 to 400 gsm suitable for colour copiers, thermal transfer and colour laser printers.

This paper is guaranteed for personalized laser post-printing.

  • Premium Offset high whiteness
  • Exclusive silky touch
  • Print and gloss rendering close to coated paper


460 x 640 mmRéf. 3501CRéf. 3502CRéf. 3503CRéf. 3504CRéf. 3505CRéf. 3158CRéf. 3156SCRéf. 3157SC
700 x 1000 mmRéf. 3506CRéf. 3507CRéf. 3508CRéf. 3509CRéf. 3510CRéf. 3161CRéf. 3165SCRéf. 3166SC
1000 x 700 mmRéf. 3511CRéf. 3512CRéf. 3513CRéf. 3514CRéf. 3163CRéf. 3167SCRéf. 3168SC
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