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Work-study programmes for training in our jobs and the integration of young talent.
Listening to our customers and the need to pass on our know-how :

Faced with changes in the market and new technologies, Papeteries de Clairefontaine must be agile to adapt quickly to demand. This requires supporting and anticipating the transformation of professions and the organisation of work.
In this moving environment, the recognition and transmission of know-how are essential, and the anticipation of retirements is primordial.
Work-study programmes, with around thirty people trained each year, are the primary source of recruitment.

Our jobs are fascinating :
Paper Process Professions

« The Paper Machine Operator coordinates the operations of a paper machine that transforms pulp into a sheet of paper. He/she monitors many interdependent parameters on screens and works on the machine. »

Paper converting professions

« The processing line operator supervises the various activities (adjustments, operation, maintenance, stoppage, etc.) on an automated installation involving several linked stations (cutting, printing, folding-gluing, etc.). »

Maintenance and automation professions

« The technician carries out preventive or curative maintenance work on automated installations and equipment linked to the production and transformation processes of paper and cardboard. »

Paper Engineering Professions

« The engineer manages the entire manufacturing or transformation process. He/she is the link between technological innovations, the manufacturing world, and the customers. He/she has a very good knowledge of paper and how it is made.»

Index Professional Equality :

The “Papeteries de Clairefontaine” are committed to gender equality.
This index measures the professional equality between women and men on 100 points.
For 2023, the gender equality index for the “Papeteries de Clairefontaine” is 84/100.
Pay gap indicator: 34/40
Increase rate gap indicator: 20/20
Promotion rate gap indicator: 15/15
Return from maternity leave indicator: 15/15
High pay indicator: 0/10

At the heart of the territories :

In the middle of the Vosges forest, the Papeteries de Clairefontaine have existed since 1858 and employ more than 500 people within the Exacompta Clairefontaine group (3,000 employees, 70% of whom are based in France). Very close links have been forged over the years with the surrounding towns and villages. Since the beginning, the majority shareholders of the group have been part of the same family. For the employees, the tradition of working in the same factory as their parents is still a reality today, sometimes over several generations.

Working and living in the Vosges in the middle of nature and close to the big cities :

In the country of the Abbeys, Etival is a pleasant little town with a village centre equipped with all the necessary facilities and shops. Ideally located along the river Meurthe, Clairefontaine with its train station is on the Nancy-Colmar axis, 10 km from Saint-Dié, and is animated by a great diversity of sports and cultural associations.

Join our teams to continue to write the Clairefontaine story and
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