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Clairbook Natural White

Available in 1.8 and 2.0 in different weights, Clairbook Natural White is suitable for the manufacture of all books regardless of their back spine.
Clairbook Natural White perfectly accompanies new developments in book manufacturing thanks to its triple versatility to each high speed inkjet, laser and offset printing process and its ability to meet all print run quantities.
The range is available from digital press sizes to web offset reels.

  • Multifunctional book paper suitable for offset, laser and high speed inkjet
  • Shade and bulk consistency
  • Very good converting ability
  • Natural white tint 120 CIE

Full range

320 x 450 mm (Bulk 1,8)Réf. 3732CRéf. 3789C
650 x 920 mm (Bulk 1,8)Réf. 3604CRéf. 3730C
720 x 1020 mm (Bulk 1,8)Réf. 3729CRéf. 3743C
900 x 640 mm (Bulk 1,8)Réf. 3746C
1020 x 720 mm (Bulk 1,8)Réf. 3766CRéf. 3760CRéf. 3747C
320 x 450 mm (Bulk 2,0)Réf. 3790CRéf. 3792C
650 x 920 mm (Bulk 2,0)Réf. 3750C
720 x 1020 mm (Bulk 2,0)Réf. 3753C
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