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Rough Bright

Rough Bright

Here’s a paper of character!
Rough Bright has a textured surface, the fibres you’ll be pleased to feel. Its high bulk and its excellent stiffness make it an ideal substrate for your creative works. Extremely white, it enhances the intensity of the printed colours, and makes the message more dynamic and impactful. Certainly, a paper with character, but it knows how to be accommodating.
The surface of Rough has been treated for an excellent runnability, contrasting and uniform prints, and is suitable for multiple finishes. Like all the papers in the range, Rough Bright has an excellent dimensional stability and a consistent sheet formation.
Available from 80 to 400 gsm.

  • Textured surface
  • Extreme whiteness
  • For character impressions


450 x 320 mm (ream wrapped)F3331CF3333C
450 x 320 mmF3332CF3341C
450 x 640 mmF0371CF0378C
460 x 340 mm (ream wrapped)F3342C
460 x 640 mmF0372CF0379CF0385CF0519CF0397CF0403CF0409CF0425C
640 x 460 mmF0380CF0386CF0520CF0398CF0404C
650 x 920 mmF0374CF0381CF0387CF0393CF0399CF0405CF0565C
920 x 650 mmF0375CF0382CF0388CF0394CF0400CF0406CF0566C
700 x 1000 mmF0376CF0383CF0389CF0395CF0401CF0407CF0411C
1000 x 700 mmF0384CF0390CF0396CF0402CF0408CF0412C
720 x 1020 mmF0426CF0681CF0430C
1020 x 720 mmF0427CF0682CF0431C
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