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Rebecca Rough White Offset 10/13

A paper with character !

Rebecca Rough has a textured surface, the fell of its fibres will delight you. Its high bulk and excellent stiffness level make it the perfect medium for your creative work. Its extreme whiteness will enhance the intensity of the printed colours, and will make the message more dynamic and punchy.



The Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) is an independent organization dedicated to promoting responsible forest management around the world. FSC is a globally recognized reference.

ECF means « Elementary Chlorine Free » . This label guarantees that the bleaching process of the pulp did not require chlorine gas

According to these provisions, materials and articles coming into contact with foodstuffs must be manufactured in accordance with good manufacturing practice, so as not to transfer their constituents in quantities likely to endanger human health under normal or foreseeable conditions.

Almost all our papers are made in one or our three French mills, the remaining part being supplied by our dutch mill

  • Textured surface
  • Extreme whiteness
  • For character impressions


450 x 320 mm (ream wrapped)Réf. FCP3331SCRéf. FCP3333SC
450 x 320 mmRéf. FCP3332SCRéf. FCP3341SC
450 x 640 mmRéf. FCP0371SCRéf. FCP0378SC
460 x 340 mm (ream wrapped)Réf. FCP3342SC
460 x 640mmRéf. FCP0372SCRéf. FCP0379SCRéf. FCP0385SCRéf. FCP0519SCRéf. FCP0397SCRéf. FCP0403SCRéf. FCP0409SCRéf. FCP0425SC
640 x 460 mmRéf. FCP0380SCRéf. FCP0386SCRéf. FCP0520SCRéf. FCP0398SCRéf. FCP0404SC
650 x 920 mmRéf. FCP0374SCRéf. FCP0381SCRéf. FCP0387SCRéf. FCP0393SCRéf. FCP0399SCRéf. FCP0405SCRéf. FCP0565SC
920 x 650 mmRéf. FCP0375SCRéf. FCP0382SCRéf. FCP0388SCRéf. FCP0394SCRéf. FCP0400SCRéf. FCP0406SCRéf. FCP0566SC
700 x 1000 mmRéf. FCP0376SCRéf. FCP0383SCRéf. FCP0389SCRéf. FCP0395SCRéf. FCP0401SCRéf. FCP0407SCRéf. FCP0411SC
1000 x 700 mmRéf. FCP0384SCRéf. FCP0390SCRéf. FCP0396SCRéf. FCP0402SCRéf. FCP0408SCRéf. FCP0412SC
720 x 1020 mmRéf. FCP0426SCRéf. FCP0428SCRéf. FCP0430SC
1020 x 720 mmRéf. FCP0427SCRéf. FCP0429SCRéf. FCP0431SC
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