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Life Sublim

Life Sublim

Clairtech technology at the service and forefront of offset printing Premium 100% recycled.
Clairefontaine has successfully met the challenge of guaranteeing printing results close to those of a coated paper and the natural feel of a character paper made from 100% recycled fibres!
Life Sublim brings out the excellence of a Clairtech’s environmentally friendly medium. An infinite number of new perspectives are offered to the graphical industry thanks to this exceptional support.
Available from 80 to 300 gsm.

  • The excellence of an ecological paper
  • Rebecca Sublim quality expertise
  • A natural touch


460 x 640 mmRéf. 3107CRéf. 3108CRéf. 3109CRéf. 3111C
700 x 1000 mmRéf. 3112CRéf. 3113CRéf. 3116CRéf. 3122CRéf. 3124CRéf. 3135CRéf. 3125C
1000 x 700 mmRéf. 3126CRéf. 3128CRéf. 3130CRéf. 3131CRéf. 3132CRéf. 3136CRéf. 3133C
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